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Keller Williams Live at The Barns at Kelly's Ford on 2006-05-05

Set I Disc I

01) Tuning
02) Star Trek Theme ->
03) New Horizons
04) I Want a New Drug ->
05) Play This ->
06) I Want a New Drug
07) Local
08) Take The Money and Run ->
09) Thirsty In The Rain
10) Holler in the Moonlight
11) Bird Song
12) Happy Birthday Marc
13) Goof Balls
14) Mary Jane's Last Breakdown

Set II Disc II

01) Intro
02) Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman ->
03) Houses of The Holy
04) Changed The Locks
05) Crater in The Backyard
06) Vanilla Ice Cream ->
07) Maggie's Farm ->
08) Calling all artists Jam ->
09) Soul Shakedown Party ->
10) Low Rider ->
11) Another Brick in The Wall ->
12) Galloping Horse ->
13) Whirly Pig ->
14) Culpeper Woodchuck ->
15) Breathe ->
16) Longview ->
17) Another Brick in The Wall ->
18) Breathe
19) Love Bizarre
20) Connie Chung

Collection KellerWilliams
Band/Artist Keller Williams
Venue The Barns at Kelly's Ford
Location Remington, VA

Source B&K(DPA)4022 xy > Lou's Protools rig for phantom power and delay mixed with sbd feed > 722 @ 24/96 (via 1/4" trs)
Lineage unknown
Taped by John Paradiso
Transferred by John Paradiso


David Via opened solo acoustic.
Larry Keel and Natural Bridge closed.
Second set guests included:
The Corn Tornado: David Via, Fiddly Dave VanDeventer, John Flower, Danny Knicely


Reviewer: John Radawski - - July 1, 2009
Subject: Something for everyone!
Maybe you like Keller. Maybe you like the Keels. Maybe you like bluegrass. Maybe you like jam bands. Maybe you like reggae. Maybe you like rock. Maybe you only like Pink Floyd. It doesn't matter. There is something here for everyone!

This is a live album disguised as a bootleg. The quality of the recording could not be any more perfect.

What you have here is Keller and the Keels (with some other guests) playing a very relaxed private party. Keller and the Keels don't play out very often, but when they do their shows are really something special. They seem to have one mind when it comes to music. They jam as if all their inspiration comes from the same folk-groove-electric-moonshine source. It doesn't hurt that they harmonize pretty well either!

They have some other recordings, but this one stands above the rest. Do yourself a favor and download it right now!
Reviewer: theonetruemanjotar - - September 5, 2007
Subject: What a night!!
This show stands out as one of my best memories of all time. I was lucky enough to be at this party. It was pretty much a dream come true, to see keller and the keels in a barn with like 50 other people just tearin it up with no worries. So glad someone got this on the archive!!!
Reviewer: tube420 - - March 27, 2007
Subject: Killer Keller!!!
This is Keller at his finest! The Keels do so much for the K-Dub sound, you just can't beat the Banjo. An awesome SBD recording makes it even better. I wish Keller played more shows like this one, less loops and more outright acoustic jamming!!
Reviewer: abbeyyoyo - - December 13, 2006
Subject: Six Stars
NO JOke funky artichioke. This is the best show of the Keels on the archive, and ive listened to em all. Perfect soundboard. Peaks at soul shakedown...
Reviewer: living_music - - September 2, 2006
Subject: A lot of people rave about the Keller shows on the Archive
This one actually does deserve 5 stars!

Not that they *all* don't...

Don't get me wrong. I just think this one is really outstanding! It is Keller and the Keels playing a private birthday party. It's a stellar soundboard - audience matrix that really, really makes you feel like you're right there.

This has outstanding versions of most of the songs Keller does when he plays with the Keels.

Goof Balls, and Thirsty in the Rain are probably the best version of these tunes.

I Want a New Drug > Play This > I Want a New Drug is priceless, especially with Larry's musical additions.

Vanilla Ice Cream is hilarious with the back-and-forth banter between Keller, Larry, and Jenny.

Two other musicians join near the end of the show. I believe these are guys from Natural Bridge.

This is classic stuff. Even if you are burned out on Keller this is killer Keller and killer Kells.

Very fresh!

Reviewer: kdub is king - - July 27, 2006
Subject: cool
great setlist greater show. good recording and keller and the keels rocked that night. wish i was there
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Keller Williams
by Keller Williams
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Keller Williams
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Keller Williams
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Keller Williams
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